The Laplication


How to awaken interest in Finnish Lapland as a winter travel destination? How to convince the digitally active target group that is critical for traditional advertising and looking for unique travel experiences?


Give people a chance to swap lives with a local person in Lapland and experience the uniqueness of the region and then build content around this.


The number of people in our target group considering buying a trip to Finnish Lapland grew by 40%.

The campaign's PR value reached over 2 million euros.

The number of travellers to Finnish Lapland increased by 8 %.

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OUR FILM CONTENT put the warmhearted locals and their lives in the spotlight – it introduced this unique region through genuine personal stories. These stories created the content for our inspiring campaign site with the purpose to drive meaningful consumer engagement – anybody could apply for the swap on the site and relate to the swappers experience.

Campaign teaser



A Northern Lights hunter


A girl for whom white winter is a state of mind


An outdoorsy couple from the Arctic Circle

Living like a local

in the land of extremes

QUALITY CONTENT IN SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS built the story for the target group and created strong brand pull throughout the campaign.

SUPPORTING ONLINE DISPLAY, PRINT AND OUTDOOR EXECUTIONS and carefully planned PR actions led the target group to our online content.

"Meet the locals" was a success also in numbers
the campaign made people actually act

We reached 84,223,261 people at a contact price of 0.01 cents.

Our banner's unique CTR was 3.10%, which is 2 times higher than average.

Our Facebook group's engagement rate reached over 83%.

We were able to generate 18% more visits to our website than before.

The number of people in our target group considering buying a trip to Finnish Lapland grew by 40%, while our competitors Norway and Sweden lost their market shares in the target countries.

During the campaign Finnish Lapland became the leader in social media with 72% share-of-voice compared to Norway and Sweden whose marketing budgets were over double ours.

Despite the historically tough economic environment, the number of travellers to Finnish Lapland increased by over 8% by the end of the year.


The project Lapland – The North of Finland aims to attract foreign tourist to visit Finnish Lapland.

Lapland – The North of Finland is No ordinary travel destination for No ordinary people. Its magical natural phenomena and high-quality services have been luring people here for decades, but the times have changed. Travellers living through a global recession are now changing old luxury for modern exclusivity.

In winter 2013–2014 Finnish Lapland wanted to awaken awareness and interest especially in the UK and Netherlands among our target group, Modern Humanists, which is 15 per cent of the global tourist population. But what would be interesting enough to fulfil the promise of unique experiences?

To stand out we created a content-driven campaign that shifted from traditional advertising storytelling to storybuilding together with the travellers. With inspiring online content we managed to drive meaningful consumer engagement that enabled our brand message eventually to reach millions of people around the world.

Client /Lapland - The North of Finland -project, Regional Council of Lapland
Hanna-Mari Talvensaari, Marketing Director
Pauliina Silven-Alamartimo, Marketing Coordinator


Advertising Agency / SEK & GREY
Copywriter: Suvi Lähde
Art Director: Sami Kelahaara
Key Account Director: Laura Mertano
Strategist: Sami Lanu
Producer: Anni Toivakainen


Film production
Director & DOP: Jaakko Slotte
Production & Edit: SEK Studio

Production Agency / GREAT APES
Project Coordinator: Mikko Sairio
Art Director: Niko Sipilä
Art Director: Mika Mäkinen
Developer: Mikko Saario

Media Agency / VOITTO
Aleksanteri Baidin
Nita Pilkama

PR Agency / SEK Public
Karoliina Hartikainen
Jenny Paulamäki

Facebook Officer / DINGLE
Account Manager: Jesse Ketonen
Strategic Planning Director: Jussi Ylävaara
Community Manager: Tuomas Silverang
Media Specialist: Heikki Pieniniemi