Magical summer

This is the season of Nightless Night and the rugged beauty of the arctic highlands

During the summer, nature speeds up. The buds burst forth, blossom and then explode into a million vibrant colours. That’s how you’ll feel too! And thanks to the magical Midnight Sun, the experience continues 24/7. This phenomenon is called the Nightless Night. Have you ever seen the sun circling the sky above the horizon night and day? See it here, see it soon.

What is the Nightless Night?

This phenomenon is due to the Earth’s axis being tilted in its orbit around the Sun. It only occurs south of the Antarctic Circle and north of the Arctic Circle – in Lapland the Midnight Sun lasts longer the closer you get to the North Pole.

At the Arctic Circle, where Lapland’s capital Rovaniemi lies, the Midnight Sun touches the horizon from early June until early July. In Nuorgam, Finland’s northernmost tip, the sun stays up for more than 70 days, in other words all summer.

What do I do with all the light?

The best way to take in the Midnight Sun is at a cottage. Finns love the silence, and visitors can also experience true relaxation, northern style, by escaping the daily grind to a peaceful retreat in Lapland. The sound of silence combined with the revitalizing rays of the Midnight Sun is nature’s own remedy for the weary soul.

Some like a different approach. The Midnight Sun extends your day and gives you those extra hours you keep hoping for in your daily life. Make use of it and go hiking, canoeing, fishing or play a round of golf in the wee hours.

How do you sleep?

A good tip is to use curtains and blinds. The Midnight Sun can make going to sleep a bit harder than usual, but then again, why go to sleep at normal hours? There is a time for sleeping. It’s called winter – just ask the bears and other mammals that hibernate through most of it.

Don’t worry about sleep; make the most of the Midnight Sun! If action is not your cup of tea, go for culture: The Midnight Sun Film Festival (founded by the famous filmmaking Kaurismäki brothers) in Sodankylä in mid-June and the folklore festival Jutajaiset in Rovaniemi at the end of June are great ways to enjoy local culture under the Midnight Sun.

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Wander and sleep in a hut in the landscapes of Urho Kekkonen national park or take a boat ride into– the homelands of Sámi people. The open waters and peaceful islands of the Bothnian Bay National Park are a haven for boaters and anglers. In the winter these northern waters are totally frozen over for many months. Unique nature destinations, like Korouoma Nature Reserve Area and Riisitunturi National Park provide canyon and fell scenery for multiple activities. Finland’s wild northwestern arm – Käsivarsi – has the country’s most mountainous scenery. Halti Fell, the highest peak in Finland, can be reached all year round. A shorter walk from Kilpisjärvi village takes you to the top of the iconic Saana Fell. The wild wooded hills of Syöte and Ruka Ski Resort and the raging rapids and thrilling trails of Oulanka National Park provide an ideal setting for many activities. Enjoy Europe’s cleanest air in the fells of Pallas-Yllästunturi national park or trek through the magnificent arctic fell. Visitors can easily access and feel the epic and ancient landscapes of the Pyhä-Luosto national park or experience the wilds of Lapland just outside Rovaniemi – The Capital of Finnish Lapland!

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